The All-new Air Jordan 4 “Superman”

Superhero movies are the fad these days – it’s as if Hollywood has run out of ideas. But we’re not going to complain as we absolutely love them. And to piggyback off of their popularity, we’ve created a design that honors one of the greatest superheroes. Please welcome, the one and only Air Jordan 4 “Superman.”

This concept has been a long time coming, so we’re really excited to present this to you all. But first things first, why did we go with the Air Jordan 4 silhouette instead of the dozens of others out there?

We felt that both Superman and the sneaker score high points in resilience and trust, which is the obvious choice. With that question settled, let’s see what our design team has crafted in this concept.

The Air Jordan 4 “Superman” comes dressed in a sky blue colorway featured all across the upper leather and the outsole. The blue color on the leather resembles the color of the iconic costume that Christoper Reeve wore as he played the role of Superman back in the ’80s. And since Reeve is our favorite actor to have played the superhero, it’s only fitting that we paid our respects.

The red hits on the outsole, eyestays, sockliner, and the Jumpman logo acts as a memento of the hero’s cape. The blue and red go marvelously together as the lightness of the former is more than matched with the brightness of the latter. To finish off the design on the sneaker, we colored the midsole in white as it gives off a beautiful contrast with the sky blue and bright red colorway.

If the “Superman” wasn’t a concept, you’d be seeing people flying and dunking in it on the courts. We could argue that the marketing opportunities are endless with a sneaker that’s named after a superhero – so Jordan, what are you waiting for? Let us know if you want us to do more Superhero concepts because we had a great time creating this.

That’s all it from our side today but don’t forget to come back tomorrow. Each day we’re going to bring you brand new concepts and designs that you definitely have never seen before.

Till next time!