How To Make Money Reselling Sneakers (2021)

Sneakers have been a passion for people for decades, however, with that comes the opportunity to make an actual living. Today, we go through our complete guide on How To Make Money Selling Sneakers In 2021! There’s a lot to learn here so strap in and pay attention as you might be able to make thousands every month!

Sneaker reselling is rapidly on the rise, with a total market value of over $2 Billion. This number is expected to balloon to over $6 Billion by 2025, providing a lucrative opportunity for investors everywhere. After a sharp increase in overall value in 2019, the sneaker reselling market didn’t stop growing even during the pandemic.

Once the pandemic is over, this market is expected to boom once again. To teach you about how to get started with this gig. We’ll first be looking at a few hyped sneakers that you’ll need to keep an eye out for. There are actually too many lucrative shoes out there and we can’t cover them all, but you’ll get the idea if you pay attention.

Without further adieu, let’s get right into it!

How To Make Money Selling Sneakers | Hyped Kicks


If you’re completely new to reselling, you definitely need to know what sneakers to resell. This information is perhaps the most crucial when you’re starting off and you’ll need to be aware of all hyped sneakers.

I’ll be going through some of the most highly profitable investments, however, the list isn’t limited to just these. Many shoes out there carry the potential to make you thousands per drop, you’ll just need to do additional research. Instead of chasing hype alone, do your research and assess the market.

You can often estimate resale for these sneakers by assessing similar previous sneakers and by checking their current bids. Resale prices will often be much higher prior to the release date and drop in value soon after. Resellers also need to assess whether a certain sneaker is worth “flipping” or holding.

Flipping refers to selling the shoes as soon as they release while holding means keeping them on you and waiting for them to appreciate. A good place to assess the market is by heading over to StockX and GOAT.

These reselling websites often have info about brand new and unreleased drops. By scrolling through its contents, you can figure out what a potential drop can resell for.

With that out of the way, let’s check out a few hyped silhouettes.

Air Jordan 1 | OGs, Retros, and Collaborations

Union LA x Air Jordan 1 Collection, an ultra-hyped collaboration that’s sold for thousands of dollars via

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most hyped sneakers of all time, with various retro, OG, and collaborations. The plethora of different models and variations, coupled with the name carrying this silhouette has made it a timeless classic.

Released in 1985 and design by Peter Moore, the Jordan 1 was released as a signature sneaker for Michael Jordan. After being picked by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA draft, he was signed by Nike and given his own signature sneaker.

The AJ1 was Nike’s latest flagship and gradually became highly popular. Dominating the basketball sneaker world by capturing almost the entire market. Soon, demand would exceed supply and the Air Jordan 1 would start being traded for prices higher than its retail prices.

Some argue that this is how sneaker reselling was born and the Air Jordan 1 was a catalyst for it. True or not, one thing’s for sure, the Air Jordan 1 Highs are usually high-profit drops. They sell out almost instantly and for good reason, everyone wants a pair!

I recommend keeping an eye out for retro, OGs, and especially collaborations of Air Jordan 1 Highs. Let’s take a look at a few examples. If you want to make Money Selling Sneakers, you’ll need to keep a look out for Air Jordan 1s!

Air Jordan 1 Retro High University Blue

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High University blue dropped on March 6th for $170 a pair. Inspired by the Air Jordan 1 UNC, these kicks feature color tones native to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University Of North Carolina.

Coming in a white and blue color scheme, these sneakers are constructed with smooth leather. White side panels and toe boxes are contrasted by University Blue overlays. Black leather Swooshes, white midsoles, and blue outsoles complete the look.

OG Jordan 1s such as these are highly profitable. Their current resale price on StockX, for example, is a respectable $440 per pair. That’s a gross profit of over $200 per pair. Imagine how much money you’d make had you copped multiple of these for retail! We’ll show you how to do that later on.

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 High “Chicago”

Air Jordan 1 collaborations are one of the most hyped on the market. I strongly advise on keeping an eye out for new collaboration.

This collaboration is with Orlando-based sneaker boutique, Trophy Room. This boutique also happens to be run by Michael Jordan’s son. A company Jordan Brand has collaborated with various times with sneakers that are highly valuable on the market today.

This collaboration pays homage to Michael Jordan’s All-Star game in 1985 which also saw the release of the original Chicago colorway. Dressed in a white and red color scheme, these kicks feature white underlays and glittery red overlays. Black Swooshes, laces, and collars add contrast while signed heels add another layer of detail.

Off-white midsoles and translucent outsoles with red and blue stars adds the finishing touches.

Retailing for just $190, these sneakers have a current resale value of over $2,000!. The overall value is quite volatile but they’ve even been sold for whopping price tags of over $5,700!

Nike Dunks and SB Dunks

Fewer sneakers have gained the clout and traction in recent memory than the Nike Dunk and SB Dunks.

The Nike Dunks were released in 1985, originally sketched by Peter Moore and designed for college basketball. This silhouette was organically a non-flagship basketball shoe designed for a sneaker campaign known as the College Colors program. This program helped the Dunks popularise by associating it with the rise in college basketball.

Then in 2002, came the Nike SB Dunks, a slightly tweaked design meant for skateboarders. They feature nylon tongues and different padding as well as different branding along with special boxes.

Through limited supply, incredible story-telling, and exciting collaborations, the SB Dunk and Nike Dunk became cultural icons. Transcending sports and becoming fashion staples for sneakerheads all over the world.

In 2020 and 2021, we saw a massive resurgence in Nike Dunks and SB Dunks as they arguably became the most popular (and profitable) sneakers on the market. Here are a few examples.

Stingwater x Nike SB Dunk Low

The Stingwater x Nike Dunk Low is yet another hyped collaboration with a fashion and skate boutique.

Uppers feature red and white leather with vibrant red underlays and white dotted overlays. Highly reminiscent of a “Fly Mushroom”. Sock liners mimic mushroom grills while jeweled Swooshes and Stingwater branding covers the side panels. Translucent soles finish off the design.

Nike SB Dunks, especially collaborations are highly profitable, however, has slightly declined due to an increase in supply. That being said, these are still highly profitable, sitting at a resale value of over $330. That’s a respectable gross profit of over $200 per pair!

Nike Dunk Low Medium Curry

This lifestyle Nike Dunk shows the transformation this silhouette has gone through over the years. From a pure basketball performance shoe to fashion/streetwear with lifestyle materials.

Released first in 1999 as part of Nike’s Japan collection, these kicks dropped again on March 29th for $110. Coming in a leather and suede construction, sail suede underlays cover the side panels and toe boxes. Meanwhile, Medium Curry darker overlays embellish the toes, eye stays, and rear panels.

Bone leather Swooshes, sail midsoles, and chocolaty brown outsoles finish off the design.

After selling out instantly, these sneakers are selling for an average resale price of over $370. Although, they’ve even been sold for as high as $1,000! Yielding resellers gross profits of over $250 on average!

As you can see, Nike BS Dunks and Dunks are extremely lucrative, however, due to the rise in supply, resale value is declining and may decline even further in the future.

We’ve talked over some of the hyped sneakers that you can sell for decent profits, but how are you going to buy them? Well, that’s the tricky part but pay attention and you might just get it.

The following are some of the tools that you’ll need to cop some of the most hyped sneakers out there.

How To Make Money Selling Sneakers | Sneaker Bots

Have you ever wondered how sneakers sell out so quickly every time you try to buy one manually? Well, the answer is simple , bots.

Sneaker bots are software programs designed to monitor and check out various stores on the market including footsites such as Foot Locker, Shopify,, and Nike SNKRS.

Sneaker bots have been a thing ever since physical releases started causing problems. Long lines of fans would often lead to violent conflicts and accidents, thus stores had to prevent this from happening by moving things online.

As a result, various bots started sprouting up with the objective to check out as many items as quickly as possible. Depending on the price of the bot, these programs can be extremely effective at buying multiple pairs, and in 2021, you absolutely need one to create your reselling empire.

Prices range from $300 for a low-level Nike SNKRS bot to over $7,000 for high-end bots such as Wrath. However, these too are limited and often sell for higher resale prices.

How To Make Money Selling Sneakers | Proxies

If you Want To make Money Selling Sneakers, sneaker proxies are pertinent in 2021.

Some argue that proxies in 2021 are even more important than bots. This is because sneaker websites have gotten increasingly effective with their anti botting measures by banning unusually high check-outs from a single IP address.

Sneaker proxies hide your IP address, preventing bans and allowing you to use your bot to your hearts content. This also allows you to make countless requests on a single website, potentially leading to multiple purchases. If you’re interested in renting, check them out here.

There may be many “free” proxies out there, however it’s best to stick to a well-known paid proxy provider. The free ones often are not effective and you could easily end up getting banned.

How To Make Money Selling sneakers | Cook Groups

Last but not least, another reselling tool that’s crucial to your success are cook groups. These are essentially discord group with admins and support that in exchange for a subscription fee, offer invaluable knowledge and deals.

These discord/Slack groups include expert resellers that provide insider knowledge, early links to raffles, resale estimations, and much more. Cook groups also offer chances to buy bots for good prices or group buys of sneaker monitors and bots so that all members can benefit.

Different cook groups have different subscription fees ranging from $5 to $60 a month. I recommend checking out Notify as it’s definitely one of the best out there.

With that, we finish off our guide on How to Make Money Selling Sneakers. For more content such as this, stay tuned for a lot more to come!

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